Stick Welder Inverter MMA Paton ECO-315 400 V

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  • Welding methods: MMA
  • Welding current: 50A-315A, 400V power supply
  • Warranty: 3 years, also for companies
  • Duty cycle: 40% at 315A, 100% at 210A
  • Functions: Hot-Start, Anti-Stick, Arc-Force
  • Description: High quality MMA welder with a nominal welding current of 315A, capable of handling low melting flux coated electrodes up to and including 7mm. The modern digital display allows you to set the exact welding current you want to work at.

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Stick Welder ECO 315 PATON™ Inverter is designed for efficient welding with MMA coated electrodes using direct current (DC). The ECO series welding machine is designed for users who require a functional device with a compact design and its full rated current of 315А.


The series of these devices is designed for the most demanding users who are looking for an intelligent compromise between mobility and functionality of the device, with a nominal current of 315 A with a duty cycle of no less than 40%, which is optimal for most household tasks (farms, household plants, etc.). These machines have programmable current control. The welding machines of this series are easy to use, as all modern additional functions, such as Hot-Start, Arc-Force, Anti-Stick are set to optimum values for typical welding jobs. This is quite enough for work with electrodes of any diameter—from Ø1.6mm to Ø6mm


Features & Benefits:

The high quality of the welds and the safety of the stick welder inverter are ensured by additional functions operating  in automatic mode:


These ECO series welding units are protected against ingress of foreign particles more than 2.5 mm in size and against vertically falling raindrops. The welding unit is allowed for outdoor operation. The internal electrical and electronic elements of the welding unit are protected against moisture but are not protected against atmospheric condensate drops. Install the welding unit so as not to block or cover the ventilation slots on the front and rear panels of the unit. Prevent ingress of metallic particles (for example, when grinding the weld) sucked into the welding unit by the unit ventilator.


Hot-Start Function: ensures the highest quality of the start of welding, first-class ignition – at the moment of arc ignition, during a short time, the working welding current increases from the set working level to the optimum level. In some cases (when working with a weak network or generator), this level can be set manually if there is a suitable switch (as in the “Professional” series). Lowering the “Hot-Start” to reduce power consumption from a weak network or increasing it in a strong network makes ignition much easier.


Arc-Force Function: used to improve short arc combustion stability and prevent electrode “sticking”. When a drop of metal is separated from the electrode, the current is automatically increased to a certain level if there is a suitable switch (as in the “Professional” series). By lowering the “Electric arc force” to reduce power consumption from a weak grid or increase it in a strong grid, the combustion stability of the arc is even more improved.


Anti-Stick Function: allows the welder to easily separate the electrode from the product. In the event of a short circuit (if any), the welding current is automatically reduced after a short break. Once the electrode is separated from the component, the source automatically restores its function. If the electrode has stuck to the workpiece, the welding current decreases within 0.6 … 0.8 s after the sticking. The temporary reduction in the welding current makes it easier for the welder to peel off the stuck electrode. After separating the electrode from the product, the welding process can be resumed without any problems.


Thanks to their robust, compact design, the ECO series of welding machines are ideal for outdoor and semi-industrial applications. All PATON™ MMA models have a module to protect against incorrect supply voltage (overvoltages or voltage drops). The use of an inverter block that calculates on kHz frequencies affects the dimensions of the transformer in the power block, which significantly reduces the mass and dimensions of the device itself.


Stick Welder ECO 315 PATON™ Inverter have a stabilization system, so they can be powered from the aggregate, also operates at full nominal current with a 150 m long on extension cable and a 2.5 mm diameter.


Electrode diameter (mm)Set welding current (A)Minimum power of the generator (kVA)
Ф 2No more than 80А2.6
Ф 3No more than 120А4.1
Ф 4No more than 160А5.5
Ф 5No more than 220А8.3
Ф 6to 315A12.7


The output voltage of the electric generator must in the range of 320 … 440 V. The manufacturer suggests the use of a generator set with the AVR system responsible for voltage stabilization. It is worth noting that the welding parameters fully correspond to the real working parameters of the welder, which is defined by the use of high-quality electronic components with thorough control at each stage of production.


The kit includes:

  • The welding unit PATON™ ECO 315 DC 400V
  • The welding cable 3 m in length with an Abicor Binzel™ DE2300 electrode holder
  • The welding cable 3 m in length with a Abicor Binzel™ MK300 grounding clamp
  • Cardboard packaging
  • The shoulder-carry belt
  • The operation manual


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