Welding inverter PATON™ PRO 500 – 400V


  • Welding methods: MMA, TIG Lift, MIG-MAG (after purchase of wire feeder)
  • Welding current: 20A-500A, power supply 400V, required fuse 32A
  • Warranty: 3 years DOOR-to-DOOR, also for businesses
  • Duty cycle: 40% at 500A, 100% at 314A
  • Features: Hot-Start, Anti-Stick, Arc-Force
  • Description: A high-quality MMA welder with a nominal welding current of 500A, capable of handling coated electrodes up to 6mm in diameter.

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Introducing the Paton Pro 500 – 400V welder, a revolutionary solution for professionals looking for the highest quality, performance and reliability in the welding process. This advanced welder uses state-of-the-art technology based on IGBT transistors, ensuring not only excellent weld quality, but also minimising electromagnetic interference and power loss.

One of the main advantages of the Paton Pro 500 welder is its voltage stabilisation, which allows it to work even with long extension cables and generator power. This eliminates voltage fluctuations, which in turn translates into a stable welding process, extending the life of the welder and increasing operational safety. The voltage fluctuation range is 320V to 440V, allowing flexibility in a variety of operating conditions.

In addition, the Paton Pro 500 welder is equipped with a Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) system, which provides a rapid voltage reduction after welding, minimising the risk of electric shock and protecting the user.

Parameter adjustment functions such as Hot Start and ARC Force enable optimum welding starts, ensuring arc stability and excellent material penetration. The ability to adjust these parameters allows welding to be tailored to the user’s specific needs and preferences.

An innovative overheating and overvoltage protection system guarantees safe and reliable use of the welder even in difficult working conditions. In addition, a unique cooling system with adaptive fan speed ensures optimal component operation even in production environments with a lot of dust and also reduces energy consumption.

The Paton Pro 500 – 400V welder also offers a range of advanced features such as CAC & CAC-A for efficient arc cutting in a variety of industrial applications, and a TIG LIFT & MMA PULSE option for durable and robust welds.

The compact design of the Paton Pro 500 welder allows for easy portability and convenient operation even in confined areas. In addition, the remote control capability allows the welding parameters to be adjusted even from a distance, which is particularly useful in hard-to-reach or dangerous areas.

The Paton Pro 500 – 400V welder is not just a tool, it is the new standard in welding.


Rated power supply voltage, V380/400
Rated current consumption from the mains phase, А30-35,5
Rated welding current (A)500
Maximum operating current, A630
Operating load factor70%
Power supply voltage range (V)±15%
Welding current control range (A)16 – 500
Diameter of a stick electrode, mm1,6-8
Diameter of solid welding wire, mm0,6 – 1,6
Warranty period, month24
Idling voltage, V12/75
Arc ignition voltage, V110
Rated power consumption, kVA19,8-23,5
Maximum consumption,power kVA28,9
Overall dimensions, WxLxH, mm180х510х385
Gross weight, kg31
Weight, kg22,5
Protection rateIP23