PATON™ MultiPRO-350-15-4-400V


  • Welding methods: MMA, MIG-MAG, TIG HF
  • Warranty: 3 years, also for companies
  • Duty cycle: 100% MMA, 290A TIG, 295A MIG/MAG 293 A
  • Wire feeder: 4 rollers, supporting 5kg, 15kg, and 18kg spool
  • Functions: contactless arc ignition (HF), brazing, gasless welding, inductance adjustment, pulse x3, aluminium MIG, VRD, 2t/4T, IGBT
  • Description: Professional semi-automatic welding machine capable of working in any welding method. The device boasts unparalleled craftsmanship, a high duty cycle, and numerous modern features ensuring the highest welding quality.

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Welcome to the world of modern welding with the revolutionary Paton MultiPro-350 (15-4) welder. This advanced unit is designed for professionals who are looking for versatility, reliability and excellent weld quality. By combining innovative technology with the highest quality components, the Paton MultiPro-350 (15-4) welder becomes an indispensable tool in your workshop.

The main advantages of this welder are:

  • The use of state-of-the-art IGBT transistors guarantees minimal electromagnetic interference and low power losses, resulting in an efficient and reliable power source.
  • The thermal protection system prevents the heating elements from overheating, allowing efficient and safe operation, as well as extending the life of the components and minimising the risk of failure.
  • Voltage stabilisation enables operation on long extension leads and generator power, eliminating voltage fluctuations and ensuring stable operation. This feature translates into longer equipment life and increased operational safety.
  • The TIG DC PULSE function enables better control of heat during TIG DC welding by controlling the current pulse between the ‘peak current’ and ‘base current’ levels.
  • The MMA PULSE function introduces controlled current modulation between higher peak current and lower base current during MMA welding. This pulsation is designed to optimise the balance between metal deposition rate, heat delivery and penetration.
  • TIG HF arc ignition – non-contact – enables clean, contamination-free arc ignition without physical contact between the tungsten electrode and the material.
  • The button function on the TIG DC – 2T torch allows for simple welding initiation in two steps: press to start welding and release to end the process.
  • The push button function on the TIG DC – 4T torch makes welding in difficult positions easier, allowing you to start and maintain welding without constantly pressing the trigger.
  • A simple change of polarity between the direct current positive electrode (DCEP) and negative electrode (DCEN) ensures that the welding process is optimised for different materials and conditions.
  • The voltage ramp and wire feed speed functions allow for a smooth transition to welding mode, reducing the amount of cluster when ignition occurs and the weld pool is formed.
  • The function of reducing the voltage and wire feed speed at the end of the welding process prevents the formation of reservoirs at the end of the welding seam and associated defects such as cracks and porosity.
  • The MIG/MAG BRAZING & INDUCTANCE function allows the rate of current change to be adjusted according to the change in arc voltage, which reduces the amount of clumping but affects the speed of droplet transfer.
  • A separate feeder allows the welder to be freely disconnected from the feeder, enabling MMA and TIG welding with the


Rated power supply voltage, V380/400
Rated current consumption from the mains phase, А16,2 – 18,7
Rated welding current (A)350
Maximum operating current, A450
Operating load factor70%
Power supply voltage range (V)±15%
Welding current control range (A)14 – 350
Diameter of a stick electrode, mm1,6-6
Diameter of solid welding wire, mm0,6 – 1,4
Pulse modes during weldingMMA / TIG
Warranty period, month36
Idling voltage, V12/75
Arc ignition voltage, V110
Rated power consumption, kVA10,7 – 12,3
Maximum consumption,power kVA15,3
Overall dimensions, WxLxH, mm360х540х400
Weight, kg16,9
Protection rateIP33