Pressure reducer DONMET RArCO-200 DM RC

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Universal pressure reducer DONMET RAr/CO-200 DM RC is designed to reduce the pressure of argon, carbon dioxide and mixtures of Ar+CO2 gases coming from the cylinder, as well as to maintain the set flow rate at a constant level during MIG/MAG, TIG welding works.


Technical data:

  • Gas type: AR/CO2
  • Inlet pressure: 200bar
  • Argon flow rate: 24l/min
  • CO2 throughput: 22.5l/min
  • Input thread: W21.8 x 1/14″
  • Hose diameter: 6 mm
  • Weight: 0.8 kg


Main advantages:

– body and spigot made of brass,

– perfect for mounting on small bottles (5l, 10l, 20l).

– 2 pressure gauges (for reading cylinder pressure and working pressure)

– inlet connection is mounted at the back on the central axis of the regulator, which facilitates mounting on the cylinder

– shut-off valve for gas outflow from cylinder


In DONMET’s product range you can find over 70 types of welding products, including: oxygen, gas, carbon dioxide and food regulators, cutters – manual, machine and special, as well as torches for soldering, welding, welding and roofing.


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