Welding wire SG3 Horda G4Si1


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Basic data of Horda G4Si1 welding wire

G4Si1 / ER 70S-6 grade solid wire for MIG/MAG welding of non-alloyed steels, low alloyed carbon-manganese steels, structural steels.

HORDA®G4Si1 is a high quality non-coppered solid wire for GMAW welding of non-alloyed steels, low alloy steels and structural steels. This wire is widely used in automotive, machine and shipbuilding industries as well as in manufacturing of steel structures, pressure vessels.

During the production of this wire an innovative technology ACR (Advanced Corrosion Resistance) was used, which consists of replacing the copper layer with a special coating in order to protect the wire against corrosion. Thanks to this solution, the amount of harmful gases and welding fumes emitted during welding is reduced. It is also characterized by a reduced amount of spatters, thanks to which the wear of current tips and wire feeder rollers is reduced. In addition, a special lubricant has been used for improved electrical conductivity and reliable wire feeding at high speeds, especially in mechanised and robotised processes.


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