PATON Standard-350


  • Welding Methods: MMA
  • Welding Current: 20A-350A, power supply 400V, required fuse 32A
  • Warranty: 3 years DOOR-to-DOOR, also for businesses
  • Duty Cycle: 40% at 350A, 100% at 250A
  • Features: Hot-Start, Anti-Stick, Arc-Force
  • Description: Professional MMA welder with a wide range of welding current up to 350A, designed for working with coated electrodes up to 6mm in diameter.

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Paton Standard 350 – Highest Quality and Efficiency in Welding

Use of IGBT Technology: Our welder uses state-of-the-art IGBT transistors, which guarantees minimal electromagnetic interference and low power losses in the primary circuits. This increases the efficiency and reliability of the power source.

Voltage stabilisation: Thanks to the voltage stabilisation, it is possible to work comfortably with long extension leads and generator power. This eliminates voltage fluctuations, affecting the welder’s regulation and operating stability. This function contributes to a longer life of the machine and increased operational safety.

IP33 protection:The welder housing prevents particles over 2.5mm in diameter from entering the product. In addition, it provides protection against rain when water flows vertically or at a 60º angle to the vertical line, which does not affect the operation of the unit.

Voltage Reduction System (VRD):This system is designed to switch off the power supply a few milliseconds after welding is completed. This function is also responsible for lowering the voltage on the covered electrode to a safe level.

Hot Start: Our welder ensures efficient arc ignition, even when using electrodes with low ignition potential. This improves material penetration during the ignition phase, minimising the risk of material damage. In addition, it actively prevents the formation of trail inclusions during the welding process.

ARC FORCE: This technology significantly enhances arc stability during short arc welding, ensuring a consistent and high quality weld. It also enables the smooth transfer of liquid metal droplets from the electrode to the weld puddle, ensuring a smooth and flawless welding process.

ANTI-STICK:If the electrode sticks to the weld material, the device automatically reduces the welding current after 0.6-0.8 s. This makes it easier to disconnect the electrode from the material without the risk of accidental arc ignition, ensuring operator safety and convenience.

Precise Amperage Control: Precise control of amperage during welding is key to achieving a high quality weld with optimum penetration and minimal defects. Our welder allows precise current control for a more reliable and consistent welding process.

Arc Ignition Stability: Stable arc ignition is crucial for a smooth start to the welding process and maintaining an even weld puddle. Optimised arc ignition stability reduces the risk of splash, electrode sticking or arc wandering, improving the overall quality and appearance of the weld.

The Paton Standard 350 is not just a welder, it is a tool that will deliver reliability, performance and precision in any welding application.


Rated power supply voltage, V380/400
Rated current consumption from the mains phase, А17,7
Rated welding current (A)350
Maximum operating current, A450
Operating load factor70%
Power supply voltage range (V)±15%
Welding current control range (A)50 – 350
Dimensions L / W / H390 х 145 х 335
Diameter of a stick electrode, mm2-6
Warranty period, month36
Idling voltage, Vup to 80
Arc ignition voltage, V110
Rated power consumption, kVA11,7
Maximum consumption,power kVA15,2
Efficiency, %90
Gross weight, kg14
Weight, kg9,8
Protection rateIP33