PATON ProCut-40 plasma cutter


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  • Supply voltage: 230V ~50Hz
  • Cykl pracy: 70% at 40A, 100% at 33A
  • Cutting current adjustment range: 15-40A
  • Maximum thickness of metal to be cut: 12mm
  • Description: High-quality plasma cutting machine for high-precision cuts in metals of varying textures and thicknesses. The machine is characterised by quality workmanship, high productivity and many modern features that guarantee the highest quality.

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The Paton ProCUT-40 plasma cutter is designed for the manual cutting of metals and alloys by means of plasma arc in an air stream, enabling high-precision cuts to be made in metals of various textures and thicknesses up to 12 mm. Powered by a single-phase 230V mains supply, the Professional is equipped with a large and functional LCD colour display with a multilingual interface for ease of use and greater user comfort, as well as an increased duty cycle of 70% at 40A and 100% at 33A.

The pneumatic ignition system allows the cutter to be used in environments sensitive to electromagnetic vibrations.


  • Peak overload protection system
  • Inverter IGBT technology
  • Ability to operate in a weak power network
  • Adaptive coolingHigh duty cycle at rated current
  • Increased unit reliability in dusty environments
  • Large colour LCD display for easy configuration of the cutter
  • Pilot arc for better ignition of the main arc
  • Pneumatic ignition system
  • Plasmatron protection system that prevents the cutter from operating in the event of insufficient air pressure


  • Plasma cutter ProCUT-40
  • Plasma torch 4m
  • Ground cable 3m
  • Pneumatic quick-release coupling


Rated mains voltage, frequency 230V ~50Hz
Rated current consumption 30 A
Rated cutting current 40 A
Duty cycle 70% at 40 A
100% at 33 A
Supply voltage range 185 – 250 V
Cutting current adjustment range 15 – 40 A
Maximum thickness of cut metal 12 mm
Working air pressure range 0.5 – 0.55 MPa
Air flow rate no less than 135 l/min
Plasma ignition voltage 270 V
Rated power consumption 5.2 kVA
Maximum power consumption 6.6 kVA
Efficiency 90%
Adaptive cooling
Overall dimensions, L x W x H 470 x 200 x 320 mm
Weight 11.3 kg
Degree of protection IP 23