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Paton plant is one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of welding equipment and materials, and also occupies a leading position among manufacturers in this area in the CIS.

Today the plant produces more than 30 models of welding equipment, in such areas as:

  • Welding machines (from 150A to 630A);
  • Semiautomatic welding machines (from 160A to 630A);
  • Argon arc inverters (from 200A to 315A);
  • Air-plasma cutting devices (from 40 to 100A);
  • Multifunctional digital inverters (from 250A to 350A).

The plant has its own design and technological base and production facilities, equipped with high quality equipment for the development, production from scratch of new samples of welding equipment and materials, which have no analogues in Ukraine.

Thanks to 60 years of experience in production, a wide range of welding equipment and materials of the highest quality, we meet the needs of welding professionals, both in Ukraine and in more than 30 countries.

60 years of PATON


Formation of the Experimental Plant, on the initiative of B.Ye. Paton, as one of the components of the Institute of Electric Welding, which included: the Institute, the Research Design Bureau and the Research Plant.

During these years, the plant has widely developed new technological areas, which allowed to produce not only single units developed by the institute and DKB, as well as some samples in the form of small-scale production. One of them is a small transformer STSH-250, designed for installation and repair work.



In 1963, the plant manufactured and began to supply the Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant with special A 850 and A 943 devices for welding large-diameter pipes used for the Bukhara-Ural and Druzhba gas pipelines.


In 1964, the plant delivered A 899 machines designed for welding tractor spars to the Volgograd Tractor Plant. Welding equipment manufactured by the Research Plant has been successfully demonstrated during these years at international exhibitions and fairs in Brussels, New York, Marseille, Leipzig and the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements.


On October 16, 1969, the crew of the Soyuz-6 spacecraft, consisting of cosmonauts V. Kubasov and G. Shonin, for the first time in orbit with the help of a unique Vulcan installation manufactured at the Experimental Plant, performed electron beam, plasma and fusible electrode welding.


In 1970-1972, new production areas were developed, which allowed to significantly expand the range of welding equipment.


In 1972, the plant began manufacturing special equipment for agriculture.


In 1973, the start of production of special multi-station rectifiers VMG 5000 for the shipbuilding industry, as well as devices for electroslag, contact and microplasma welding, which were not produced by other plants in the USSR.


In 1975, the plant produced special equipment “Araks” for the Soviet-French scientific experiment in outer space between the island of Kerguelen – France and the village of Sogra in the north of the USSR using the rocket “Eridan”.

Three products of the plant: VMG 5000 rectifier, A1114M semiautomatic device and STSH-250 transformer are awarded the state Quality Mark.



In 1976-1978 the plant successfully manufactured and delivered to the plant ZIL technological line U-851 for welding frames, Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant installation U 901 for collecting and welding joints of multilayer pipes of large diameter, Kharkiv Tractor Plant installation UD 133 for welding units of serial tractor T – 150.


In 1975-1980, the plant supplied more than 50 sets of welding equipment to Japan, Sweden, Germany and the United States. Auto giants became regular consumers: VAZ, ZIL and KAMAZ.


In 1979, the plant manufactured a unique installation “Evaporator” for thermal evaporation of metals and thin film coatings on board the space complex “Salyut-6” in weightlessness and seaworthy vacuum on a number of samples made of structural materials.

This important experiment once again confirmed the advantage of the research and production complex of the EEZ. EA Paton, which unites scientists, designers and manufacturers.


In 1980, a whole complex of special welding equipment for mechanization of welding works, control of operations in the production of multilayer pipes was manufactured and delivered to the Viksun Pipe Plant.

Another State Quality Mark has been awarded to A 550 electroslag welding machines.

At the International Fair in Leipzig, the USh 118 installation for electroslag casting won a gold medal.

A group of IEZ and DKB specialists, as well as the plant’s director GB Asoyants were awarded the USSR State Prize in Science and Technology for the introduction of installations and special powerful power supplies for plasma-arc remelting at a number of large plants.

Welding equipment is successfully sold at the enterprises Zhdanovtyazhmash, Khartsyzsk wire-rope plant, Volgograd Atommash, Kuibyshev valve plant and others.

Welding equipment and sets of spare parts are delivered to Austria, Hungary and Canada at the request of foreign trade organizations.


January 3, 1984 for significant services in the development of science and technology in the field of welding and special electrometallurgy Scientific and Technical Complex IEZ. EO Paton, which includes the Research Plant, awarded the Order of the October Revolution.

In July 1984, cosmonauts Svitlana Savitskaya and Volodymyr Janibekov were at the Salyut-7 complex for the first time in the world in open space for 3 hours. 35 min successfully performed operations on cutting, welding, soldering and spraying of metal plates using a portable electron-beam device URI, manufactured by the Experimental Plant.



In 1985, the Intersectoral Scientific and Technical Complex (ISTC) was established, which includes the Research Plant.



In 1985, the Intersectoral Scientific and Technical Complex (ISTC) was established, which includes the Research Plant.



The most difficult years in the history of the Experimental Plant. The collapse of the Union significantly affected the industry of all union republics, including Ukraine. The need for unique installations for different welding methods has significantly decreased, the plant has sharply reduced production.

We had to abandon a large branch of the plant. All equipment was transported to the main plant. Despite this, the plant continued to produce new developments of the EEZ and DKB, but already under the real orders of consumers in the CIS countries.

In the late 90’s there is a revival of industrial production and construction. The need for power supplies for various welding methods is growing sharply.

The decision was made to master the production of the most popular transformers, rectifiers and semiautomatic devices. The plant independently developed and mastered small-scale production of transformers of the STSh type for currents of 250, 315 and 400 amperes, rectifiers of the VD type for currents of 250,315 and 400 amperes and modernized semiautomatic devices for currents of 180,250 and 315 amperes.


In the early 2000s, the EEZ completed the development of the USGD arc stabilization device, which significantly improves the AC welding process and allows the welding of small-thickness aluminum alloys using a transformer as a power source.

Employees of the plant finalized serial transformers of STSh and installed in them stabilizers of burning of an arc of SRS. In rectifiers VD provided the possibility of installing two small blocks that improve the excitation of the arc and eliminate the adhesion of the electrode when welding at low currents of the root seam not only pipes but also other metal structures.

Significantly modernized semiautomatic devices and introduced production in two versions: the power supply in the same case with the feed mechanism and the rectifier and the feed unit are made separately.


So far, the plant, taking into account the appearance on the international markets of inverter power supplies, mainly for manual arc welding, has created a group of employees and instructed them to develop and start production of inverter equipment.


In 2008, the plant already produced small batches of inverters for manual arc welding for currents of 120, 160 and 200 amps of three modifications.


Until 2013, the plant produced special orders for equipment for arc welding, surfacing and electroslag remelting.

2013. Not only is the output of conventional power supplies increasing, but also in large volumes inverter sources are not only for manual arc welding.

According to special orders, the production of powerful power supplies for electroslag welding and remelting at currents of 3000, 6000 and 10000 amperes, as well as three types of tractors for submerged arc welding and flux-cored wire at currents up to 1000 amperes was resumed. As power supplies for tractors, the plant develops and implements universal VSU rectifiers for currents of 630 and 1200 amperes.

The country is resuming work on plants for the manufacture of metal structures, construction companies which are widely used arc welding.

Therefore, in 2013 the plant mastered the production of multi-station rectifiers for currents of 630 and 1200 amps, and for installation and repair work, as well as significantly increased the production of inverter equipment.


In 2014, the plant completed the production of unique 4 units for welding turbine rotors for the Kharkiv association “Turboatom”.

The units were developed by the Institute’s Design Bureau and, together with the plant, were successfully implemented at Turboatom.


Since the beginning of 2015, the Plant resumes work on developments in the field of welding equipment.

Thus, since May 2015, serial production of ballast rheostats RBP-304 for regulating the welding current during multi-station welding with Paton rectifiers has been introduced. And since June 2015, universal welding rectifiers VDU-6303P and VDU-1202P are launched, designed for automatic and semi-automatic welding in protective gases and under flux, as well as manual arc welding with artificial electrodes of all types. Smooth regulation of welding voltage and current is carried out by means of the electronic control unit. When equipped with ballast rheostats, these rectifiers can be used as multi-station power supplies.

Also in early May 2015, the Plant completed a contract, together with the Institute’s State Design Bureau, for Ukrspetsexport to develop and produce a batch of welding equipment for tropical climates with improved characteristics and increased reliability.

Welding rectifiers model VS-650 SR complete with BP-608 units, as well as inverter rectifiers VDI-200R were tested and sent for use at one of the shipyards in Southeast Asia (Union of Myanmar).

In June 2015, the first batch of new welding inverters “PATON” series “ECO” is released. The “ECO” series is environmental friendliness and economy. The key advantages of these devices are small weight and size parameters and the ability to work with weak (sagged) networks, which is important when choosing a welding machine for household purposes. Despite the principle of complex economy, which was used in the development of the series “ECO”, these devices are equipped only with high-quality electronic components and mechanical modules. The “ECO” series is designed for manual arc welding with an electrode connected to the household network (220V) and is represented by three models for welding currents 160A, 200A and 250A, with a load duration of 40%.

In October 2015, the plant occupies a leading position in the TOP 5 sales of the Epicenter K network. Since April 2015, welding machines have been produced monthly, exclusively presented in the largest retail chain of hypermarkets in Ukraine Epicenter K under the EVO brand. The plant’s products successfully compete with other foreign manufacturers, displacing even Chinese manufacturers of welding equipment in terms of “price-quality”. The main reasons for the stable interest of customers in the equipment of the Plant from TM EVO are:

  • domestic production (made in Ukraine),
  • adaptation of work of devices at the lowered voltage in a network (from 170 V),
  • warranty period of service is 2 years,
  • competitive price.

At the beginning of November 2015, the plant supplied welding equipment for the re-equipment of the car-building plant of the CKD Kutna Hora as Group of Companies (Czech Republic) – SCB Foundry, which is one of the largest producers of quality cast products in Europe. CKD Kutná Hora, as has a credit rating of AAA (Excelentní) and is one of the hundred most stable companies in the Czech Republic. The fleet of special equipment of the foundry of the car-building plant of the CKD Kutna Hora as Group of Companies is replenished with PATON welding equipment:

  • universal welding rectifiers VDU-1202P – for planing by a carbon electrode of products of foundry production,
  • multi-station welding rectifiers VDM-1202P complete with ballast rheostats RBP 302 – for multi-station welding with electrodes up to 5 mm in diameter of various metal structures for the production of cars and locomotives,
  • rectifiers welding VS-650SR – for welding in the environment of CO2 of various designs of freight railway cars,
  • rectifiers welding VS-650SR complete with ballast rheostats RBP 302 – for multipost welding by electrodes to 5 mm,
  • semi-automatic welding machines PS-351.2 and argon arc inverters ADI-200S – for the repair site of the car-building plant.

In December 2015, the Plant will start production of fully digital welding inverters of the VDI Professional series, as well as PSI-250S and PSI-250R semiautomatic devices with a new control panel and digital control of parameters. The digital control panel allows the welder to easily and accurately select the welding mode and adjust the parameters of the welding process, from the basic value of the welding current to fine settings of the current-voltage characteristic, hot start level, current amplitude in pulse mode, etc.


At the beginning of 2016, the Plant will complete a contract for a machine-building plant, together with the DKB Institute, for the development and production of specialized equipment for electroslag welding of metal up to 450 mm thick. In the course of work on the project, specialists are developing a batch of specialized welding equipment: A-535 welding machines complete with TSHS 1000-3 welding transformers. With this project, the Plant resumes the development and production of specialized equipment for electroslag welding, which is in demand at large industrial enterprises.

In March 2016, the Plant completes the development of a specialized argon arc inverter for continuous welding of metal of various thicknesses. Digital ADI-230P allows to carry out welding of difficult designs from metal of various thickness by a continuous seam, and also to program 6 stages of change of welding current – from 12 to 230 A.

Also in March 2016, the plant began supplying two new models of welding equipment for Epicenter K retail chains under the COMPASS brand:

  • the welding machine of the COMPASS IWM-200 inverter type for manual arc welding on a direct current,
  • the combined welding machine of the COMPASS CWM-200 inverter type in single-case execution for manual arc welding, argon arc welding and semi-automatic welding in the environment of protective gases on a direct current.

In early April 2016, DZZU IEZ them. EO Paton produces electrodes of the most popular brands according to the classical recipe: ANO-21, ANO-36, ANO-4, ANO 13/45, UONI 13/55, MR-3, special electrodes for surfacing of the T-590 brand, welding of cast iron TsCh-4, for welding of high-alloy steels OZL-8 and TsL-11, and also electrodes of the Elite series according to the improved compounding from Institute of electric welding of them. E.O. Paton: Elite ANO-36, Elite MD6013, Elite ANO 21.

By the end of April, the Plant will complete the second contract for the development of specialized equipment for electroslag welding of products up to 200 mm thick. Specialists have developed a batch of specialized welding equipment: self-propelled welding machine ASH115 complete with welding rectifiers VDU-1202P as current sources are successfully used for welding tanks and building metal structures.

In April 2016, VDI-160E welding inverters will be delivered to Poland for a distribution company that plans to bring PATON equipment to European markets, including the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova and others. countries. The Georgian market sells more than a hundred devices a month, the service center has been set up, and negotiations are underway to supply PATON products to Armenia and Azerbaijan through the Georgian distribution network.

In July 2016, the plant will supply the first batch of welding inverters to Korea for a distribution company that plans to bring PATON equipment to the markets of Korea and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

In September 2016, the Plant completes the development and launches serial production of a line of welding inverter semi-automatic machines of single and double-body PSI types, which are designed for manual arc welding (RDS “MMA”).

In October 2016, DZZU IEZ them. EO Paton completed a project for Ukroboronservice to create an automatic mortar coordination system. The team of specialists of the Plant completes the work in a record short time – 1 month, and the project is presented at the XIII International Specialized Exhibition “Weapons and Security – 2016”, from 11 to 14 October 2016 at the International Exhibition Center.

From October 1, 2016, a new PATON store will open in Dnipro – one of the largest industrial, economic and transport centers in Ukraine.

From November 2016, the plant begins mass production of a new model of inverter semi-automatic machines – PSI-150S. Inverter digital semiautomatic devices PATON PSI-150S of single-case type of execution are intended for manual arc welding (RDS “MMA”), argon arc welding (ARG “TIG”) and semi-automatic welding (PA “MIG / MAG”) in the environment of protective gases and mixes on constant . The peculiarity of this model is that the control board of the wire supply unit in the device is digital.


In January 2017, DZZU IEZ them. EO Paton completed the development of prototypes of independent wire feed units BP-5 and BP-15-4 for the line of welding inverters of the Professional series manufactured by PATON. This development allows welders to fully unleash the potential inherent in this line of devices. Also, by the end of January, the development of a prototype of a modern installation for microplasma spraying of powder materials on the surface of products requiring increased operating conditions for wear resistance and corrosion resistance, as well as for the restoration of worn surfaces and special coatings.

At the beginning of 2017, the Plant purchased high-tech TRUMPF equipment and put into operation a site for the production of housings for welding machines, and in March – a line of powder coating. The introduction of its own area for the production of housings will not only significantly reduce the cost of the entire line of welding equipment brand PATON, but also to establish the production of metal products for other sectors of the economy of Ukraine, namely:

  • instrument making,
  • small engineering,
  • production of parts for railway cars,
  • construction (roofing sheets),
  • furniture (armored doors and other metal structures),
  • laboratory equipment (stands, cabinets, racks, tables, etc.),
  • housing and communal services (electrical panels and equipment for public utilities).

Experimental Plant of the Institute of Electric Welding named after EO Paton continues the traditions of the Paton school – to strengthen ties with industry.

The motto of the plant: reliability, quality, tradition and now helps to find reliable connections with consumers of welding equipment.

Many years of experience in the production of unique installations and power supplies for various welding methods allows the staff of the plant to look to the future with optimism, because without welding no type of industrial production is possible.

Paton devices will always be in demand among consumers not only in Ukraine.



During 2018, the products were modernized: updated versions of inverter welding machines of the ESO series, PSI of the Standard series, as well as PSI-315 PRO-380V were put into serial production.

In April 2018, the plant successfully completed the process of certification of PATON ™ welding electrodes for sale in European markets. The obtained CE certificate enables the Plant to freely supply these products to 25 countries of the Single Economic Zone, as well as to countries that recognize European certification.

Serial production of new equipment – autonomous cooling unit PATON ™ BAO-7, the main purpose of which is high-quality cooling and ensuring the circulation of coolant in a closed system when working with welding equipment.

As part of the export strategy, PATON проду products are presented at the international exhibitions Targi Kielce’s Industrial Spring (Poland) and the XVII International Industrial Forum in Kyiv.

In terms of production of classical welding equipment, the Experimental Plant has successfully implemented a project to supply welding sources for 5,000 amperes (VMG-5000) to a number of leading Ukrainian enterprises in the mining and metallurgy industries.



The MINI, ESO and PRO series VDI devices have been modernized, as a result of which the devices have increased their efficiency when powered by a weakened network, and the professional series devices have received an LCD display with a multilingual interface for easy setup. The development and production of the first batch (by prior order of customers) of remote controls for VDI PRO series devices with welding currents of 300 amps, which significantly increase the convenience and efficiency of equipment, and mobility of the welder.

Qualitatively improved and expanded complete set of PATON на semi-automatic machines – in addition to a semi-automatic burner and a cable with a ground terminal, a welding cable with an electrode holder is added to the standard delivery set, and a professional series of semi-automatic machines is equipped with Abicor Binzel accessories.

Serial production of the new powerful inverter rectifier PATON Д VDI-500 has started, with a nominal welding current of up to 500 amperes – the first of the planned line of powerful inverter devices for 500/630/1200 amperes.

Production of PATON™ welding electrodes is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. Thus, it was confirmed that the Plant strictly adheres to the principles of quality management in its work, such as customer orientation, leadership, staff motivation, process approach and continuous improvement.

PATON™ products are presented at international exhibitions: XVIII International Industrial Forum (Kyiv, Ukraine), and MacTech 2019 (Cairo, Egypt). As part of the XVIII International Industrial Forum, the Plant acted as a partner of the XIII Welders Competition, providing equipment – the latest devices for argon arc welding PATON ™ ADI-200 PRO AC / DC, and other support for competitions in category 141 method / GTAW.


2020-2021 was a year of renewal and innovation for Paton International. At present, Paton’s R&D center and production are developing, testing and releasing new models of devices and expanding the range of industrial equipment. There is a new inverter PRO-630, semi-automatic StandardMig-270, 350, argon arc inverter ProTIG-315 AC / DC, air-plasma cutting machines StandardCUT-100 and ProCut-40. semi-automatic machines with the possibility of liquid cooling, as well as complex solutions for welding.


In 2021, the appearance of the devices and the Paton logo were completely changed, due to the expansion of markets and export orientation. New markets were conquered, namely Australia and Spain. UAE and others.

In 2021, the Paton R&D center will start working on robotics of welding equipment, on devices with synergetic control and in general on improving and improving the functionality of welding equipment.

Already in November 2021, the first Ukrainian collaborative robot developed together with Qweedo Robotics was presented, which significantly increases the level of productivity, quality and accuracy of welds.

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